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Hi May-July 2013 Sales (MAR4413) Students! Please click the "Comments" link below to post!

Hi May-July 2013 Sales (MAR4413) Students! Please click the "Comments" link below to post!  Thanks so much - Dr. Sauers


  1. Tiffany PercivalMay 20, 2013 at 10:35 AM

    Please label the follow questions 1-5. 1 being highly unlikely and 5 being most definitely.

    Question 1: Does Stonegate look like a bank you would bank with?

    Question 2: Does Stonegate address any or all of your pain points?

    Question 3: Would you recommend Stonegate to your friends and family?

    Question 4: Would you bring your entire banking relationship to Stonegate?

    Question 5: Does Stonegate make you feel comfortable to hold your money?

    Question 6: What do you think Stonegate’s best offer for you is?
    Question 1 Question 2 Question 3 Question 4 Question 5 Question 6
    Amy 4 4 5 4 5 Client Service
    Nicolette 4 4 5 4 5 Client Service
    Evette 5 4 5 4 5 Flexible Products
    Yvonne 5 4 5 5 5 Rates
    Kristie 4 4 5 5 5 Rates
    Becca 4 4 5 5 5 Flexible Products
    Josh 5 5 5 4 5 Client Service
    Jennifer 5 4 5 5 5 Rates
    Steve 5 4 5 5 5 Rates
    Justin 5 4 5 5 5 Flexible Products

    I presented my sales pitch to these 10 people above. They were a mix of bankers, clients, and prospects. Within the questions I asked basically how Stonegate Bank is being presented to them within my sales pitch. I was happily surprised when the results came back so well. However the biggest surprise is Stonegate’s customer service. We make it a point to call clients by name, which means more to consumers than I ever imagined. Its simple things like that, that put Stonegate one step ahead of the rest.

    1. Hello Professor Sauers the link below is my market test.

      Thank You

  2. The following are the questions and responses to my survey for Florida Eco Products that included 13 people, with the intended purpose to span not only age, but also geographic location (literally CA to NY!).

    It was disappointing to see those that found saving energy/water a low priority, but I was not surprised to observe the responders were the early baby boomers (not clearly reflected in the how the results are presented below). As expected, the younger participants were not only users of at least some products, but were more interested in alternatives and were those with complaints over the cost, lack of availability, understanding new labels, or even aware of the viable options.

    Of a secondary interest was the amount of people who were unfamiliar with BOTH Energy Star and WaterSense. While WaterSense may be newer to the market, Energy Star has been around for decades, and is a standard on many products people use every day. This emphasizes the lack of true awareness and the need to further educate and assist those that are or may be interested in energy and water-saving benefits.

    Male: 6
    Female: 7

    Age Range:
    20-30: 2
    31-40: 3
    41-50: 3
    51-60: 1
    Over 60: 4

    What is your primary source of information regarding available energy or water-saving products?
    TV: 3
    Radio: 0
    Magazine: 3
    Internet: 4
    Friends/Family: 3

    Do you consider the effect on the environment when making product purchases?
    Usually: 1
    Sometimes: 8
    Rarely: 3
    Never: 1

    Have you purchased an energy or water-saving product in the last 3 months?
    Yes: 4
    No: 9

    If yes to the previous question, was the product (or products) related to saving water or energy?
    Water: 1
    Energy: 3
    N/A (answered NO to previous question): 9

    If presented with an energy or water-saving alternative that would save you money over the long-run, would you pay additional to make that purchase?
    Yes, no matter the cost:
    Yes, if less than $____ or _____% difference (please enter amount):
    ** varied answers here: ranged from $50-$120/yr and 15%-50%
    No: 4

    Are you familiar with Energy Star and Water Sense rated products?
    Energy Star: Yes: 6 No: 7
    WaterSense: Yes: 3 No: 10

    If you have not purchased an energy-saving product(s), what was the primary reason? (select any/all that apply)
    Poor performance: 7
    Product appearance: 9
    Too expensive: 12
    Other (saving energy is low priority, etc.): 5
    N/A, I regularly use energy-saving products: 5

    If you have not purchased water-saving products, what is the primary reason? (select any/all that apply):
    Poor performance: 9
    Product appearance: 2
    Too expensive: 11
    Other (saving water is low priority, etc.): 6
    N/A, I regularly use water-saving products: 5


      What is the make of your current vehicle?

      Mercury GMC Toyora Toyota Hyundia Ford Honda Lincoln Chevy Yaris Ford, Kia, Toyota Nissan VW Toyota Toyota

      Have you ever owned or driven in a Toyota

      Yes 11 79%
      No 3 21%

      What is your first impression when you think about Toyota?

      Expensive, but reliable. Love it Excellent quality and reliable Reliable, quality craftmanship sporty economy car efficient quality at low price Very Nice Reliable Great value recent recalls Quality Reliable Reliable, quality craftmanship

      What is the most important consideration when purchasing a vehicle?

      Quality 7 47%
      Safety 3 20%
      Price 1 7%
      Fuel economy 2 13%
      Performance 1 7%
      Appearance 1 7%

      What age bracket do you fall into?

      Under 18 0 0%
      18 to 25 6 40%
      26 to 31 2 13%
      32 to 40 3 20%
      Over 40 4 27%

      Are you a Male or Female?

      Male 9 60%
      Female 6 40%

      What is your household gross income?

      Under - $19,000 3 23%
      19,000 - 35,000 0 0%
      35,001 - 55,000 5 38%
      55,001 - 85,000 1 8%
      85,001 - and up 4 31%

      Are you married?

      Yes 5 33%
      No 10 67%

      Do you have children at home under the age of 18?

      Yes 3 21%
      no 11 79%

  3. Olta Onuzi (Raymond James)May 24, 2013 at 7:44 PM

    The following table is a summary of my survey about Raymond James Financial Inc. I forwarded the survey to different group ages in my Facebook, e-mail, and here in Angel, to see how the results of financial services need and financial product need varied by age, but seems that I got the most responses from 21-30 group age, which basically tells me that they are the most active using the technology. I choose the online survey due to the lack of free time I have on my hands, instead of holding a focus group. Seems, that most of the survey takers are more interested in financial services rather than financial products, and 50% prefer to be contacted via e-mail from the financial advisers.

    What age range do you fit into?
    21-30 9 75%
    31-40 2 17%
    41-50 1 8%
    51-60 0 0%
    60 and older 0 0%

    What is your gender?
    Male 8 67%
    Female 4 33%

    What is your annual household income?
    $1 - $20,000 3 25%
    $20,000 - $49,999 3 25%
    $50,000 - $75,000 2 17%
    $75,000 - $100,000 1 8%
    $100,000 and up 3 25%

    Which Financial Service Group you trust with your financials at the moment?
    Fidelity, T Rowe Price Investors group, regions, Merrill lynch, Na, McEwan, Wealth Management, Wells Fargo, Wells Fargo, none, none, JP Morgan Chase.

    Where will be your financial need/objective, so our company can help you?
    In Financial Products 3 25%
    In Financial Services 9 75%

    What will be the best way for our advisors to contact you?
    Telephone 3 25%
    e-mail 6 50%
    News letter 0 0%
    One on One 3 25%

    Compared to our competitors, do you feel our products and services are:
    Less expensive 0 0%
    Priced about the same3 25%
    More expensive 2 17%
    Not sure 7 58%

    Please choose how much you agree or disagree with the following statements about Raymond James: - Our Advertisements are interesting:
    Strongly Disagree0 0%
    Disagree 0 0%
    Neutral 8 67%
    Agree 4 33%
    Strongly Agree 0 0%

    Claims in advertisements are believe able:
    Strongly Disagree0 0%
    Disagree 1 8%
    Neutral 4 33%
    Agree 7 58%
    Strongly Agree 0 0%

    Advertisements clearly show what is being offered:
    Strongly Disagree0 0%
    Disagree 0 0%
    Neutral 7 58%
    Agree 5 42%
    Strongly Agree 0 0%

    I plan to "Deal" with RJ in the future:
    Strongly Disagree0 0%
    Disagree 2 17%
    Neutral 7 58%
    Agree 3 25%
    Strongly Agree 0 0%

    Any future recomandation for our products/services is greatly appreciated:
    n/a, I don't have the opportunity to see the commercials, None, More advertisment of what you offer, None, N/a, No recommendations, N/a, Application for easy product information and service access, none at the moment, none, None.

  4. Gary Bercume - Autobus survey

    Name Jerry A.
    would you use it? Yes
    How often? Day trips 1/month
    How much would you pay? $20
    Would you recommend it? yes

    Name Shirley A.
    would you use it? when he does
    How often? Day trips 1/month
    How much would you pay? $20
    Would you recommend it? probably

    Name Judy
    would you use it? Yes
    How often? 2-3 / month
    How much would you pay? $15 round trip
    Would you recommend it? yes

    Name Walter
    would you use it? If needed
    How often? maybe 0-4 times/year
    How much would you pay? $20-$25
    Would you recommend it? If I liked it

    Name Lilly
    would you use it? rather not
    How often? not sure
    How much would you pay? $10 if I use it
    Would you recommend it? maybe

    Name Lucille
    would you use it? Yes
    How often? Day trips 2/month
    How much would you pay? $15-$20 per trip
    Would you recommend it? yes

    Name Bernadette
    would you use it? If couldn't get a ride
    How often? Doc. appt. 1/month
    How much would you pay? $10
    Would you recommend it? If I liked it

    Name Harriet
    would you use it? No
    How often? 0
    How much would you pay? $0
    Would you recommend it? I don't think so

    Name Dorothy
    would you use it? Yes
    How often? Day trips 2/month
    How much would you pay? $15
    Would you recommend it? yes

    Name Dexter
    would you use it? Not sure
    How often? Maybe 2-3 times/year
    How much would you pay? Depends $15-$20
    Would you recommend it? If you were any good

  5. Kyle Acevedo - Financial Advisor - Raymond James

    Would they use it – 6 already have advisor, 2 would, and 2 would currently do not use it.

    what is it – all participates gave varied answer, but must knew generally what financial services do although some had varied opinions on it.

    how does it make them feel – 6 said secure, others said hesitant and sure if they can trust

    how much would they pay for it – depending on reward they got back but none want huge amount of cost associated with it

    how often would they buy it – they would use the service for life it if gave them financial rewards and they had a good relationship with advisor

    would they recommend it to their friends – yes if they had good experience and trust associated.

    The younger generation didn't really think about financial planning. The older Generation was concerned about trust. People both agreed however you need to have a good relationship and trust established with your advisor.

  6. Below are the results of my market survey for ValetBoss. I received 19 responses, with a good spread of age groups and almost half male and half female. I was somewhat surprised that not more individuals would use social media sharing capabilities – only 37% responded that they would use sharing features. Having a rewards system to earn free valet parking coupons was a feature that would make people more likely to use this service, which is what I had expected.

    When presented with a valet parking option today, how often do you use it?

    Always - 3
    Rarely - 12
    Never - 4

    If presented the opportunity to use ValetBoss, how often would you use it?

    Every time - 6
    Some of the time - 11
    None of the time - 2

    Would you be willing to pay for a service like ValetBoss?

    Yes - 9
    No - 10

    If there was a charge to use ValetBoss, what pricing structure would you be willing to accept?

    Free app but a small fee each time used - 12
    Small, one time fee for App only - 7

    If the service provided Social Media sharing capabilities like sharing the location of where you are, would you use this feature?

    Yes - 7
    No - 12

    Would having a rewards system based on points to earn free valet parking coupons make you more likely to use a service like this?

    More likely - 12
    About the same - 6
    Less likely - 1

    Would the ability to earn badges and compete with friends (similar to Foursquare) make you more likely to use a service like this?

    More likely - 2
    About the same - 14
    Less likely - 3

    Please select your age group.

    29 or under - 5
    30 to 39 - 6
    40 to 49 - 4
    50 or more - 4

    Male or Female?

    Male - 10
    Female - 9

    Please select your annual salary.

    Under $19,000 - 3
    $20,000 - $49,000 - 5
    Over $50,000 - 6
    Prefer not to say - 5

    Please provide any additional comments as to what could make you more likely to use this service.

    -It would be better if there were more valet parking opportunities. They are not that frequently found.

    -Is waiting around for Valet that big of an issue? I don't use it that often but to mean anything under a 5 minutes wait its more hassle signing myself into this app and then signing myself out.

    -a true example of embracing new technology!

    -I do not currently have a smart phone.


  7. Katelyn Heineken-Commendable Kids

    Below is the summary for my Market Test I did for Commendable Kids. Commendable Kids is an online website where you can reward a child with virtual badges on their self created profile. Children can earn badges for accomplishments, good-deeds, skills learned or milestones. You can also create a unique individual badge for a specific activity.

    My survey was filled out by 13 people. Each of different background, age and gender. The survey questions were yes or no questions with space for comments. However, the age question was a fill in the blank. Below is the results of what I received in return.


    1) Do you have kids?

    2) Have you ever heard of commendable kids?

    3) Would you use or recommend the use of commendable
    kids online?

    4)Does the privacy of having your child create a profile on Commendable Kids concern you?

    5)Would you use or promote Commendable Kids in a classroom setting as a parent/teacher?

    6) Would you purchase tangible badges for your commendable kid?

    7) What age range could you see or will you promoting Commendable Kids to?
    2-5= 39%
    2-6= 8%
    2-7= 23%
    6-9= 15%
    As long as my child is interested 15%

    Additional Comments:
    Using in a classroom would be a great idea to promote involvement for all family members and children. It could be integrated as an online tool for teachers to inform parents of accomplishments.

    I could see how this would be a great motivator for toddlers/pre-kinder age range. However, it would be great to see some kind of standardized chart with all the basic developments every kid goes through. This way there is a visual that can be printed out for younger kids to mark their progress easily at home. Then they can share their progress virtually with grandparents, teachers, ect.

  8. Florida Eco-Products is a company that is leading the industry with its innovative product designs and quality customer service. Over the past week a survey was conducted to determine the consumers true perception of eco-friendly products. Twelve individuals participated in the survey and the results among the 7 men and 5 women varied. Overall it appears that most people expressed a genuine care for the environment. Even though most consumers showed a concern for the health of the environment a few participants displayed a lack of knowledge and understanding of eco-friendly products. Surprisingly many consumers already own eco-friendly products, and the consumers that did not usually had a negative perception of eco-friendly products based on lack of understanding, or misconceptions about the industry. Overall the market test was successful, and helped to identify the target customer for Florida Eco-Products. Below is a list of some of the answers collected from the online survey in which twelve consumers participated?
    1.) What is your first impression of "eco-friendly" products?

    -I like the idea of products that are environmentally friendly but I do not know enough about them to have much of an impression.
    -More expensive
    -Those concerned about environmental sustainability are difference makers and that is good
    -I like the idea of eco-friendly products to help conserve water. I think it is particularly important in Florida and other places that experience severe droughts.
    -Very nice, modern and energy saving
    -Products that are good for the environment and are sustainable.

    2.) Choose the statement that best describes your perception of what "eco-friendly" products are.

    -I would purchase "eco-friendly" products, because they are an effective means of lowering my energy and water costs/consumption.
    -"Eco-friendly" products are practical solutions to minimize negative environmental impact.
    -I do not know anything about "eco-friendly" products.
    -Eco-friendly products save water.
    -"Eco-friendly" products are reasonably priced, but offer limited benefits.
    -"Eco-friendly" products are practical solutions to minimize negative environmental impact.
    -I would purchase "eco-friendly" products, because they are an effective means of lowering my energy and water costs/consumption.

    3.) What age are you?

    -21 – 40 Yrs Old = 11
    -41-60 Yrs Old = 1

    4.) What gender are you?

    -Male = 7
    -Female = 5
    5.) What was the Gross annual income of your household last fiscal year?
    -$26,000 -$45,000
    -$25,000 or less.
    -$89,000 or greater.
    -$89,000 or greater.
    -$46,000 -$65,000
    -$25,000 or less.
    -$25,000 or less.
    -$46,000 -$65,000
    -$66,000 - $88,000

    6.) Do you currently own or utilize any "eco-friendly" products? If yes, what products do you own or use?

    -Solar; water timers; insulation systems; timers for heat pump; computerized thermostats; water restrictors
    -Yes, eco light bulbs
    -CFLs, programmable thermostat, and power strips.
    -Energy saving light bulbs

    7.) How important is the health of the environment to you?
    Scale of 1 (Low) to 5(High)
    - 5 = 7
    - 4 = 2
    - 3 = 3

    By: Christopher Vinci

  9. I created a survey asking questions about banking. I received 35 responses.

    1. The first question I asked "Who do you bank with?" The majority stated Wells Fargo - 6. The second highest was Suntrust at 5. The rest of the banks were split with Bank of American (3), Credit Unions and local banks. 29 people had both checking and savings at their banks while there was 100% online banking services. The majority of them didn't like their bank's fees and the lack of branches/locations. These were mostly Credit Unions. 98% ranked the customer service they received from their bank.

  10. Vatlet Boss is an elite service here to cater not on to the average person and mak eyou feel like a rock start, but to also those in need of an extra hand. Valet Boss makes running errands an easier task and helping with the assistace of retrieving your car when you are ready to go.

    10 people were surveyed half men half women. Though I found not many are intreste din just the valet services of the application, they would be more interested in Valet Boss offer more different types of elite services to the average day to day mom, shopper, or person in a rush.

    1. What do you like most about our new product?
    Convenience was the biggest reason

    2. What changes would most improve our new product?
    Add more services was the most popular response

    3. What do you like most about competing products currently available from other companies?
    Book reservations at restaurants, View available movies times were the 2 most popular responses

    4. What changes would most improve competing products currently available from other companies?
    Add additional services. Some reason given were shopping and having a person come get your current shopping bags and put them in your car so you don’t have to walk around with them.

    5. If our new product were available today, how likely would you be to recommend it to others?
    Extremely Likely -4
    Very Likely- 3
    Moderately Likely-3
    Slightly Likely-0
    Not at All Likely-0

    6. If you are not likely to use our new product, why not?
    Do not need a product like this-1
    Do not want a product like this-2
    Satisfied with competing products currently available-3
    Cannot pay for a product like this-1
    Not willing to pay for a product like this-3

    7. What would make you more likely to use our new product?
    Adding additional services especially for mothers on the go.

    8. How important is convenience when choosing this type of product?
    Extremely important-6
    Very important-2
    Moderately Important-2
    Slightly Important-0
    Not at All Important-0

    9. Overall, are you satisfied with your experience using our new product, neither satisfied or dissatisfied with it, or dissatisfied with it?
    Extremely Satisfied-3
    Moderately Satisfied-4
    Slightly Satisfied-1
    Neither Satisfied or Dissatisfied-2
    Slightly Dissatisfied-0
    Moderately Dissatisfied-0
    Extremely Dissatisfied-0

    10. If our new product were available today, how likely would you be to use it instead of competing products currently available from other companies?
    Extremely Likely -4
    Very Likely- 3
    Moderately Likely-3
    Slightly Likely-0
    Not at All Likely-0

  11. Florida Eco-Products

    During the market test exercise I choose the Rainshower CQ-1000-MS Decholinating shower filter with showerhead from Florida eco- products as the test product. I was really impressed that a 45% of the sample was still unaware of the impact of chlorine in the water and how it affects our health; the other surprising factor was that the majority of this 45% was represented by male responses. The survey target abroad audience with the following participant countries USA 80%, Germany 10% and Colombia 10%, this was selected to examine the awareness of eco-friendly products, sells online and purchasing power of environment friendly products. Industrial countries show more interest in this type of products. An 87% of the participants agree that the product’s price still high.

    1.Would use this product?
    Yes: 6
    No: 4

    2.What you like about this product?

    Like that it filters the chlorine: 7
    Does not see function of the product relevant: 3

    3.Agree/Disagree with the purpose of Eco-friendly products.
    Agree: 7
    Disagree: 3

    4.How much would you pay?

    $0-$10: 2
    $11- $20: 4
    $21- $30: 2
    $31-$40: 2

    5. How often would you purchase this product?
    Once a year: 2
    Once every five years: 3
    Once every ten years: 5

    6. Would you recommend it?

    Yes: 8
    No: 2

  12. Wealth Management -
    Communication Survey
    A survey by Jeff M. for St. Petersburg College - MAR4413

    Age Group
    Age 49 or Younger
    Age 50 or Older

    Investment Objective
    Income - Seeking maximum amount of income.
    Growth & Income - Seeking income and capital growth over time.
    Growth - Seeking capital appreciation.
    Risk Tolerance
    Conservative - Accept lower potential returns in exchange for lower risk.
    Moderate - Balance potential risk with higher potential growth.
    Aggressive - Higher potential return with higher risk.

    Communication Preferences - I want to know my account
    Daily - I prefer an account value summary each day.
    Monthly - I prefer an account value summary each month.
    Quarterly - I prefer an account value summary every three months.
    Yearly - I prefer an account value summary once per year.

    Communication Preferences - I want to hear from my
    financial advisor:
    Daily - I prefer to hear from my advisor each day.
    Monthly - I prefer to hear from my advisor each month.
    Quarterly - I prefer to hear from my advisor every three months.
    Yearly - I prefer to hear from my advisor once per year.

    Communication Preferences - I would like the following
    methods of communication:
    Check all that apply.
    Phone Call
    Face to Face - Meeting at Advisor office
    Face to Face - Meeting at my home
    Face to Face - Through computer using webcam service
    Correspondence by Mail
    Correspondence by Email
    Interact through corporate education events
    Interact through customer appreciation events.

    Additional Comments - What you would like in terms of communications with your financial advisor.

    This survey can be found at:

  13. 1)How do you currently gain knowledge about the products you are considering buying?
    Consumer reviews
    Expert Reviews
    Word of Mouth

    2)Do you own a smartphone?
    3)If so, who makes the phone?

    4)How likely is it that you would download the My Products application?
    Very Likely
    Somewhat likely
    Neither likely or unlikely
    Very unlikely
    Somewhat unlikely
    5)How likely is it that you would review products the My Products application?
    Very Likely
    Somewhat likely
    Neither likely or unlikely
    Very unlikely
    Somewhat unlikely
    6)Would you tell friends about the app?
    7)Would you use the app's product support feature?
    8)Male or Female?
    9)What age group are you in?
    10)What is your annual salary?
    A total of 14 people responded to the survey and all but one of the participants own some kind of smartphone. An overwhelming majority of the partipants were somewhat likely to download the app and most of the participants answered maybe when asked if they would tell a friend about the app.

    The survey can be found at

  14. CASA - Kate Waechter

    1. What is CASA?
    2. How does CASA make you feel?
    3. Would you donate to CASA?
    4. What/how much/how would you donate to CASA?
    5. How often would donate?
    6. Would you recommend CASA to your friends?

    Dawn, 54, retired
    1. CASA is a much needed service in our community.
    2. It is essential.
    3. Yes.
    4. Cell phones, thrift items, wish list items.
    5. Twice a year.
    6. Absolutely!

    Stephen, 48, Medical Services Sales
    1. Battered women’s shelter.
    2. Glad they are here in our community.
    3. Probably.
    4. Cell phone and clothes for the thrift store.
    5. Whenever I have stuff to give.
    6. Yes.

    Katelyn, 27, Certified Public Accountant
    1. Assistance for the abused and battered in Tampa Bay.
    2. It is necessary.
    3. Maybe, but I’d like to see their overhead costs first.
    4. Financially.
    5. Whenever.
    6. Yep!

    Tom, 59, Nuclear Engineer/Plant Operator
    1. Influential organization in the Tampa Bay area.
    2. Grateful that they are in the community.
    3. Yes.
    4. Donating wish list items to serve the victims and their families.
    5. Semi-annually.
    6. Yes. Definitely.

    Nancy, 59, Registered Nurse
    1. Battered woman’s shelter.
    2. Seems important.
    3. Maybe.
    4. Not sure.
    5. When I can.
    6. Yes.

    Scott, 51, State Lobbyist
    1. Absolutely necessary and critical cornerstone in our community.
    2. Sad that it is so, so needed, but grateful for its support in our community.
    3. Yes.
    4. Financially, wish list items and lightly used items.
    5. As reminded.
    6. Absolutely.

    John, 62, Securities Attorney
    1. Organization that assists victims of abuse.
    2. Great organization that helps many in our community.
    3. Likely. After reading their 990, I would be in a better position to say for certain.
    4. Financially.
    5. Annually.
    6. Absolutely.

    Dave, 29, Police Officer
    1. An awesome organization that helps the battered and shattered of our community, who so badly need the community’s assistance.
    2. Couldn’t be more essential to our city.
    3. Yes, when possible.
    4. Old cell phones, thrift items, etc.
    5. When I can.
    6. I do all the time.

    Sue, 52, Director of Religious Education
    1. CASA is a critical service for women and their families in need within St. Pete.
    2. Something I feel very passionate about, as my sister was physically and emotionally abused by her husband.
    3. Yes.
    4. Volunteer, thrift items.
    5. When available
    6. Definitely!

    Donna, 60, Homemaker
    1. Abused women shelter. And their kids.
    2. They do a lot of good in our community.
    3. Yes.
    4. Financially.
    5. Semi-annually.
    6. Yes.

    In short, my market is familiar with the general concept of CASA and that they are a much needed resource within the community. All of my market would be willing to donate to CASA and its mission, all in varying capacities and with varying frequencies. Two samples within my market would like more information on CASA's financial disclosures before getting financially involved.

  15. Hello Professor Sauers and Class,

    I have contacted several people at Wells Fargo and left them with my final sales plan project as well as power point.Their information is listed below;,, and My sales plan project as well as power point can be seen under the Week 7 sales plan project link for our class. I hope you enjoy it!

    Thank You
    Robert Lanese

  16. Greetings all,
    This is to confirm the presentation of my term project has been posted to ANGEL and sent to my business contact via email. Laura M

  17. I went on Facebook and got information that I could send my USAA sales plan to so I submitted my sales plan to this email today. I have also sent my sales plan final to my teammates and have submitted my sales plan to ANGEL.

  18. Hello Class,
    I have sent my sales plan to two of my potential customers and look forward to positive replies. I intend to send a copy of the plan to all potential clients that show interest and promise in doing business with AutoBus.

  19. Hi everyone, confirming that I have submitted my final project, and I have e-mailed my project at my contact at Raymond James (Tasha .J, works for corp. office). I wish everyone the best of luck in the future, and a special Thanks to Dr. Sauers for the great help and feedback.

    Best to all,
    Olta O.

  20. Hello everyone just checking in and to say my final submission is in as well as uploaded into my google drive and shared the link in the contact us information on the ValetBoss web page.