Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hi May-July 2013 Marketing (MAR3802) Students! Please click the "Comments" link below to post!

Hi May-July 2013 Marketing (MAR3802) Students! Please click the "Comments" link below to post!  Thanks so much - Dr. Sauers


  1. First, I want to say how much I enjoyed working on this semester long project. I learned a great deal about marketing a business in the real world. I feel I would have had better success had been able to have some form of contact with the client.
    The most import thing I learned from this project is to never ignore your target customer or their pain point. If you do, you are setting yourself up for failure. It is important to fully understand your target market and the demographics they are made up of. You have to understand their needs and how to fulfill those needs better than anyone else. The whole reason a business exists is to fulfill a need. Without those needs you have no business.

    1. Sounds like you've really absorbed some deeper understandings of the customer. At the end of the day, they are the boss. It's good to care about each one.

  2. What I have learned about Marketing Management? Well I have to say, I've learned A LOT. I learned that marketing isn't nearly as easy as I thought it would be and as much as I sometimes hated this project (due to the workload and research), I loved it too. I really feel like I have learned a lot and that I will be a better employee for my company Coca Cola because of this class. I now have a better, if not clear understand of why we target certain markets and customers with particular promotions and advertising.

    I would also like to say thank you to everyone who offered constructive feedback on my project, as this only made me push harder to achieve success.

    Good luck to everyone as they continue on their journey.

    Thank you!
    Elena Stoffo

  3. I have e-mailed my project to my company contact but have not gotten a response.

    I have learned that it is hard to market a product that is fairly new to the market because it makes it hard to find information on that product on the internet. It is best to market something that you believe in unless you are really good at sales or marketing (which I am not). I researched target markets and found that a lot of schools already use a product that does background checks with the swipe of a driver’s license. I have enjoyed working with my teammates and wish them both the best of luck in the future.

  4. I have learned alot about marketing this semester. I learned that understanding the needs of the customer is crucial to the effecient delivery of the marketing strategy. The right questions to the right audience in a survey can deliver the information needed for success. There is much involved in understanding the customer, the product and the overall goals of the client.

    I had the honor of working with a great group of individuals from SCORE, SPC, and even the students of the Vet Treps program. I also would like to thank my teammates this semester for their input as well. I presented this project to members of SCORE and Greta K. this evening at SPC and the presentation was very well received.

    I look forward to carrying out the marketing strategy even after the class is over.

    Thank you!

    John LiVoti

  5. “Do Work Marketing Follow-up”
    I am very excited I chose “Do-Work-Marketing”, for my project. I learned a lot about the company, and am very eager to share information about this company to potential customers. Today, I met with David from “Do-Work-Marketing”, and I actually showed him my paper, both flyers again, and the power point. He was thrilled with the results and thought I did a good job, and portraying to potential customers about “Do-Work-Marketing’s”, values, goals, and customer loyalty. I hope by doing this project, I helped David and his company out by boosting his customer database.
    I have also learned very important things through taking this course. I learned how you should and shouldn’t market yourself to potential employers. Also, by reading our text, I have a better understanding about what marketing really is. I plan on one day looking into marketing jobs where I work now, because I have enjoyed this so much.

  6. Reflection: I posted my reflection in my paper prior to getting a response. To add to it I would like to say how tough it is to conduct a marketing project for a non-profit or charity. There are so many competing charities, non-profits and worthy causes. My advice to anyone seeking to get involved is find one cause that they can make the biggest difference with. In the future, I plan to make all my goods donations to CASA, as they are a local reputable organization that directly caters to the needs of survivors in the Tampa Bay area.

    Here is the reflection in my paper:

    As I turn in this project I reflect not only on the marketing accomplishments that I have made but on the great organization that I got to know through my research and promotions, I think both myself and CASA deserve a round of applause. As CASA states it takes a whole community to stop domestic violence, and it take s a community of marketers to help propel us there. Marketing is not really an individual task, as it is much better suited as a team effort. Though it takes a strong marketer mentality to propel and envision the end goals through promotions and tactics, it can also be accomplished on a small scale.
    When I started this project I had great visions of having a huge donation drive, getting schools involved and local businesses to promote CASA. However, individually, this would not have been a success. So I scaled back my plans and re-envisioned what was feasibly possible for me to achieve that could help CASA. My hope is to continue to explore the marketing culture, finding ways to help generate more interest in not only CASA but other organizations near and dear to my heart. Non-profits have to pick and choose where to utilize their resources, often times marketing is on the back burner and only selectively turned on. To conclude I would like to thank Ms. Sauers for “throwing” us into the deep end of marketing and congratulate those who were able to swim to shore in accomplishing their marketing goals. To CASA, I would like to thank Sheryl Zeitler, it was very generous of yourself and CASA to allow us to explore CASA and choose our own way of helping out CASA, and I applaud all the survivors and supporters that choose to stand up against domestic violence.

  7. I emailed Mr. Paul Price from Florida Eco Products with a note about my personal experience with his company and included my project.
    My personal reflection of this semester's class is that I believe there is no better teacher than doing a real world, hands-on approach. I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to strengthen an area of the business world that has perplexed me in my upper division classes. I was also glad that you included Florida Eco Products as a project company, it fit like a glove with my major (I'm sure Dr. Grinnel would agree).
    In closing, I think the class was a hoot and if I had not try to fit Elementary French I into the summer session, I would have been able to be more timely with my assignments.

    Sincerely, Greg Thoman

  8. I learned how to research target markets, specifically if a market exists. I also learned how to reach out professionally to companies and consumers. Having had no past experience in marketing, I have definitely learned how much research, thought, and analysis goes into this field. The most important things to know about marketing is that it is all about reaching people; inviting them, keeping them around, recognizing them as important and thanking them.