Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Entrepreneur? Listen to the Customer Pain Point


    1. Would you use this?
    Maybe, if there was a need, if I had a small business, if I can figure out how to use it
    2. What do you think it is?
    Practical way to make forms available for people, businesses, events, way to advertise
    3. How do you feel about it?
    It seems easy to navigate, seems fun, self explanatory
    4. Would you pay for it?
    If I saw results, I might pay for it, it seems inexpensive, maybe
    5. How often?
    I would prefer to “pay as I go”, if I had a small business I might use it often, not sure
    6. Would you recommend it to others?
    Would recommend it until I use it, not sure, have to really be convinced it works,
    would have to observe how easy it is

  2. Hey, you own such a marvelous resource, it was impossible not to comment on this one! In addition to that I would like to ask you a question that is so intriguing for me. Is this a paid blog theme that you buy online or a regular one?

  3. Thank you, SomeDaySomeSay! I'm "just" a teacher and this is "just" a blogspot free template. :-) Hope to hear from you again soon and I hope you enjoy the marketing/entrepreneuring on here! -Amy Sauers