Thursday, August 1, 2013

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  1. Reflection on Presenting to Company

    I had the pleasure of doing my marketing project on Military Working Dog Adoptions. This organization is a non-profit organization seeking to make a difference to our K9 veterans. They work solely off of donations and adopt these wonderful dogs to prior handlers and civilians. There is no actual cost for adopting a retired military dog, but transportation expenses have to be paid. Military Working Dog Adoptions will transport a retired military dog anywhere to the right adopted family.
    I presented my project to people who donate/help with this organization and explained how I feel certain change could make them strive. They liked my events to raise donations and really felt it would make a difference. I really feel like I helped get the name out for Military Working Dog Adoptions and raise more donations. Most people already knew that there are organizations that help retired military dogs, but now they know what organization and how.
    Overall, I enjoyed completely this marketing project throughout the entire course and enjoyed reflecting on the company and being able to voice my ideas in a positive manner.

  2. Reflection on Presenting to Company

    Schedule Date: October 10, 2013
    Time: 6:00pm
    Contact Information: In person

    I’ve had the opportunity of working with Fight2Fitness (F2F) fitness program located in Clearwater, FL. F2F targets female only for their program to help their members achieve their personalized fitness goals. Upon presenting the project there will be a slide show of at least 5 slides that will review customer’s pain points and SWOT analysis. In this slide show the results from Survey Monkey and responses from interviewees will be added. The business will receive a grasp of what females in the community look for in a fitness program.
    Promotional content and SMART goals will also be communicated. Once the information has been provided to the business we will begin to inquire about hosting events to expand the business. I’ve truly enjoyed working with the business and will continue to help them grow since I am now a member of Fight2Fitness and will continue to attend Boot Camp sessions.

  3. MAR 3802 Marketing project.
    I enjoyed working on my marketing project for Suburban Propane. Although I have not done my presentation yet I think some of the items I suggest will be implanted. My presentation was originally scheduled for October 4, but we were short handed at work. It was rescheduled for when my managers gets back into town hopefully on the 14th of this month.

    I believe we will be able to sell more propane tankless water heaters to our customers by education. When I did my survey on it came to my attention many people did not know what a tankless hot water heater was. The survey also reviled customers needed help paying for this large ticket item. I do believe if we revisit some of our accounts they were mistakenly put on a COD status. My project was primarily the niche market of spa and pool heaters this review of accounts will help even more customers.
    R. Link

  4. October 6, 2013, 8:00 pm,

    Robert and Kelly, in putting together your business proposal I realized that for any business to thrive there must be proper planning. This helps the company to distinguish between their strengths and weaknesses as well as identifying problems that they would not have recognized.
    Now that this business proposal is finished there is time for me to look at the experience. It has been a high pressured experience than I realized and I have really put a lot of effort into it. This project has definitely been a lesson on time management, handling heavy workloads and working under pressure. I am a very hard worker and have put 100% into anything that I do, however, I have never felt this overwhelmed in a long time. Overall, I am very happy that I managed to complete this project for the two of you and I hope that you are able to use it to reach out to the national market which is you ultimate goal.

  5. I have had the opportunity to work with The Basketball Warehouse for my marketing project. The Basketball Warehouse is a non-profit organization located in Largo, FL. It was started in 2001 by Coach Allen Williams. Coach Allen is an accomplished basketball player/coach, and his mission is to help kids by teaching them the game of basketball and providing tutoring to any kid who needs help academically. In order to provide financial assistance for needy kids, corporate sponsorship is desired.

    I have emailed my project and promotional materials to Coach Allen, but have been unable to reach him by phone to present my findings. I'm hoping that within the next couple days I'll be able to reach him, so I can get his reaction to the project. The Basketball Warehouse is currently only using word-of-mouth for marketing, so any of the initiatives I have presented should be able to provide tangible results. In order for this business to grow, more people need to know about it. I conducted interviews with people representing the target market, as well as posted a survey, and distributed flyers. I believe that this alone has helped get the word out. This project took a lot of time management and pushed me to develop flyers and other presentation materials that I've never done before. I feel that I have grown a lot as a student during this time and hope that this has provided a true benefit for this company.

  6. I showed them the project on 05/03/14 at 5:00pm by showing up with a copy.
    8686 131 Street Seminole, Florida 33776
    (727) 348-0619 Karen McGraw

    My reflection on presenting this to the company was that I felt confident that I learned a lot about this company. I felt that after doing this assessment of the company I may have helped achieve that customer basis that was projected.
    Since the due date for the projected growth has not been met I will have to see once the due date is finished if what I contributed helped the business prosper. I feel that I learned a lot about the hair salon business after taking this call and it has helped me learned about how to grow small businesses.